Get the spin on Merri-bek’s record stores.

Introducing the Love Merri-bek live music and records trail map, featuring twelve amazing businesses around the municipality. Here’s your chance to find out more about two of the amazing independent record stores.

Round Again Records

Round Again Records is a vintage hi-fi and record store based in North Coburg with a dedicated local following. Founder Greg Skeggs buys and sells vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, vintage hi-fi equipment and accessories, and vintage games and gaming equipment. Round Again also has a fully guaranteed service department.

Greg has been collecting and researching vintage audio for 40 years and has an extensive collection of rare and hard-to-find items sourced from all around Victoria. A few minutes spent chatting over a cup of coffee with Greg and you’ll see his knowledge of the industry is second to none.

In September 2012, former truck driver Greg opened a little shop in Sydney Rd, Coburg North to get rid of the record collection he’d had in storage, in preparation for moving. Over a decade later, he’s still at it.

Now, Greg’s on a first-name basis with the Round Again regulars, who often pop in to say hello and have a chat. After years of truck driving and lots of commuting, he’s happy to be based close to home in Merri-bek.

Round Again is just one of the amazing record stores and live music venues you can find featured on our Merri-bek trail map. Download the map and get out there to discover all the great businesses Merri-bek has to offer.

48 Gaffney St, Coburg North

Feminista Vinyl

Feminista Vinyl (FV) is a record store specialising in female-led, trans, non-binary and gender nonconforming inclusive bands and artists. It’s also an intimate performance space that hosts gigs and live music opportunities for the local Coburg community. FV shares the premises with a feminist counselling service and has a small space in the back for hire by community groups and artists.

A group of six women run the Feminsta Vinyl space, which opened in 2020. Five of the six have a shared background working in women’s services, while two of the group bring experience as working musicians. Shared interests, values and a similar mindset is what brought everyone – and keeps everyone – together.

A conversation about feeling intimidated by male-dominated record shops spawned the idea for a shop. Someone joked about starting a record shop specialising in music by non-male artists. From there, hasty and excited WhatsApp messages began circulating, as the six plotted over cups of tea to bring Feminsta Vinyl to life.

With no retail or business experience, running the shop has been a steep learning curve for the friends. FV operates under a non-profit model, so each member has taken on the role that best suits their interests and strengths.

Semi-regular events have been well received, and more performance opportunities are on the horizon. Thanks to grant support from Council, FV participated in the 2022 Brunswick Musical Festival which grew their local following significantly. FV’s popular open mic events are a safe, approachable space for emerging performers and audience members – where everyone is welcome just as they are.

134 Nicholson St, Coburg