It’s all fun and games

With galleries, live music venues, restaurants and bars, Brunswick is one of Merri-bek’s entertainment hubs.

Next time you head to Brunswick, why not add one of these activities to your itinerary and make a day of it?

Mini golf and axe throwing are just two of the fun things you can do. So download the new Trail Map At Your Leisure to find your way there.

What The Putt Golf: Games and good times


What The Putt (WTP), Brunswick is the ultimate destination for mini golf enthusiasts and anyone after a memorable day – or night – out. The venue comprises two indoor mini golf courses, a lively bar and a fantastic atmosphere, perfect for groups of friends, date nights, celebrations and corporate functions.

WTP is a hub of entertainment and the largest event space in Brunswick. Think arcade games, free pool, foosball, and board games at every table to satisfy any whim in all weather. Here’s how your visit might play out. Play a round of mini golf, then relax at a table with your favourite board game, while enjoying drinks, pizza and bar snacks.

When it comes to mini golf, players of all skill levels will find plenty of thrills and challenges on two unique courses (with a third coming soon). Upstairs the courses themselves are TV and movie-themed, featuring Instagram-worthy setups. From the mirrored and laser-filled Bogey 9th inspired by ‘Boogie Nights,’ to the punk Marilyn Monroe adorned with tattoos, or the Mad Max motorbike, every hole offers something different. The top-floor bar plays great tunes and is a great place to sit for a drink.

After a hit of golf, wander downstairs to explore. One room invites you to unwind with a lounge-like atmosphere, complete with floral couches reminiscent of your nanna’s lounge room. The other room exudes energy, featuring a DJ cage, bar, and comfortable booths. It’s the perfect spot to soak up the lively ambience.

WTP’s friendly and approachable staff add to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that defines the venue. They’re on hand to make sure you have a great experience. While bookings are recommended for weekends or larger groups, you’re also welcome to rock up anytime. The venue caters largely to adults (kids are also welcome until 8pm with a guardian), so grab your friends or family and unleash your competitive spirit in the heart of Brunswick.



Valhalla Axe Throwing: Unleash your inner Viking


Located in the Brunswick ‘hood, Valhalla is definitely not your average entertainment venue. For starters, the ancient art of axe throwing is at the cornerstone of the Valhalla experience.

A former Brunswick resident, owner Darcy opened the venue in 2022, driven by a passion for owning his own establishment. Inspired by Norse mythology, where Valhalla is known as Odin’s great drinking hall, Darcy envisioned a place where warriors could unleash their inner strength and have a good time.

The 600-square-metre space fit the bill for Valhalla’s unique offerings, including a dedicated axe-throwing range, a rage room for those wanting to let off some steam, and pool tables. The venue also boasts a full bar and kitchen, serving up bites and share plates for all tastes. Make sure you try the homemade hot sauces while you’re there – and grab a bottle to take home.

Located on a bike path with a tram stop out front, Valhalla attracts curious passersby along with regular visitors who’ve caught the axe-throwing bug. The venue now hosts weekly axe-throwing league and tournaments, and Darcy hopes to get a team together to compete over in Canada.

Although axe throwing may initially seem daunting to some, the experienced team of staff guides participants through the process, making it accessible, enjoyable and safe for everyone – and a great shoulder workout! With a prohibition on drinking before throwing, Darcy encourages guests to start their evening with an axe-throwing session before settling in for drinks and food.

Valhalla is an 18+ venue, and sessions typically involve learning the art of axe throwing and practising your skills, followed by a friendly tournament. The ideal group size for an axe-throwing session is 10-15 people, but you’re welcome to turn up on your own, with a date or a small group and you’ll be taken care of.

Beyond its regular operations, Darcy welcomes collaborations with like-minded businesses, providing an opportunity to rent the Viking-themed space for special events. Valhalla truly is a one-of-a-kind sports and entertainment venue – and an asset to the neighbourhood.