Check out our new Love Merri-bek Trail Maps!

Merri-bek has a lot to offer both residents and visitors alike in terms of things to do and see around the municipality. We are especially lucky to be home to so many breweries and distilleries as well as live music venues and record stores. To help visitors and residents navigate their way through all these awesome spots, Merri-bek City Council are excited to release the Love Merri-bek trail maps!

Council has worked with local businesses to create the first instalment of a series of maps showcasing local businesses throughout Merri-bek.  Local creatives included Barney Sullivan – Seeing Things, creating the graphic design, Emma McMillan crafting the copy content and artist/illustrator, Laura Holley – Lawz Drawz, illustrated the venues for the Love Merri-bek trail maps.

“I feel there’s no better subject for my artwork than the unique buildings that house my favourite pubs, cafes and restaurants”, Laura said.

Our first map includes all the must-visit local breweries and distilleries you can find throughout Merri-bek. You can use this map to find your new local watering hole or to try somewhere different including non-alcoholic beverage alternatives throughout Brunswick, East Brunswick and Coburg. Whether you’re looking for something to do with a group of friends, celebrating a birthday, or needing a pitstop while walking the dog, the map covers off what you can expect at each venue and how to best get there. The map has information about the origins of each business featured and the odd fun facts, so you can decide which local spot best suits your needs or, better yet, visit them all!

Our second map highlights all the best spots in Merri-bek to see live music or shop for your next LP. Much like the first map, it shows you where you can find venues that hold live music gigs and where you can purchase music records throughout the municipality. Merri-bek is full of businesses that love to showcase local, national and international talent and the map will tell you where you can find a live gig. We have an abundance of independent record stores that have a wide range of music from old school classics to today’s top 100, the trail map will show you how to find them.

We are excited to share both these trail maps with our Merri-bek community. You can download your map by following the link to the Love Merri-bek website, or by visiting one of the venues featured and picking up a hard copy. Use your map to get out and explore Merri-bek and support the many wonderful local businesses around the municipality!


Alchemy Brewing Co, 396 Lygon Street www.alchemybrewing.co


Brew Dog Pentridge, T 101/1 Champ Street www.brewdog.com/au/pentridge


Bridge Road Brewers, 129 Nicholson Street www.abarmadeofcardboard.com.au


Brunswick Aces, 127 Weston Street Brunswick East www.brunswickaces.com


Coburg Brewing Co, 229-231 Sydney Road Coburg www.coburgbrewingco.com.au


Co-Conspirators, 377 Victoria Street Brunswick www.coconspirators.com.au


Gales Brewery, 28-30 Gale Street Brunswick East www.galesbrewery.com.au


Inner North Brewing Co, 10A Russell Street Brunswick www.innernorthbrewing.com.au


Noisy Ritual, 249 Lygon Street Brunswick East www.noisyritual.com.au


Temple Brewing Company, 122 Weston Street Brunswick East www.templebrewing.com.au


The Foreigner Brewing Company, 12/102 Henkel Street Brunswick www.facebook.com/foreignerbrewing/


The Good Brew Company, 54 Hope Street Brunswick www.goodbrew.com.au


Welcome to Brunswick, 1 Frith Street Brunswick www.welcometobrunswick.com.au


Brunswick Ballroom, 314 Sydney Rd Brunswick www.brunswickballroom.com.au


Musicland Melbourne, 1359 Sydney Rd, Fawkner www.musiclandlive.com


Retreat Hotel, 280 Sydney Rd, Brunswick www.retreathotelbrunswick.com.au


The Jazz Lab, 27 Leslie St Brunswick www.thejazzlab.com.au


The Moldy Fig, 120-122 Lygon St, Brunswick www.themoldyfig.com.au


Whole Lotta Love, 524 Lygon St Brunswick East www.wholelottalovebar.com


Feminista Records, 134 Lygon St, Coburg www.feministavinyl.org.au


Muscle Shoals Records, 504 Lygon St, Brunswick www.muscle-shoals-records.business.site


Record Paradise, 159 Sydney Rd, Brunswick www.recordparadise.com.au


Ringo Barr, 666 Sydney Rd, Brunswick www.ringobarrr.au


Round & Round Records, 556 Sydney Rd, Brunswick www.roundandroundrecords.com


Round Again Records, 48 Gaffney St, Coburg North www.roundagain.com.au

plus many more…


Check out the Love Merri-bek website for more information on the businesses featured, as well as the many other great businesses throughout Merri-bek.