Learn about some of Merri-bek's best gelato.

Enjoy summer delights in Merri-bek

One of life’s simple pleasures is enjoying an ice cream or gelato on a hot summer’s day. Grabbing an ice cream is something the whole family can enjoy, and Merri-bek is full of many wonderful ice creameries and gelato stores.

Below is a list of all the places you visit to get your favourite flavour of ice cream or gelato in Merri-bek. Check out the trail map for where to find them and make sure you enjoy the sweet treats our local businesses have to offer!

  • Augustus Gelatery
  • Miinot Gelato
  • Cielo Gelateria
  • Lagom Gelateria
  • Beku Gelato
  • Billy van Creamy Brunswick
  • Gelateria Bico
  • Gelobar
  • Luther’s Scoops
  • Siconi Gelato
  • Ice Cream Social Brunswick
  • Vegelato Zero Gradi Brunswick
  • Gelato Messina


You can find your nearest ice cream or gelato store using the trail map on Love Merri-bek. Use the trail map to make your way through every store in Merri-bek and support our local businesses this summer. Neighbourhood Ice Creameries & Gelaterias (withalpaca.com)